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Six Articles on Effective Communication

Reuben E. Gross, PhD, ABP, ABPP, LMFT

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Article I. The Difference Between Talking and Communicating
Article IIa. The A-B-C's of Good Communication: A, B, & C Should Always Be the Same
Article IIb. A, B, & C Are Not Always The Same: Six Reasons
Article III. Six Important Benefits of Good Communication
Article IV. Thirteen Reasons Why Spouses Fail to Communicate
Article V. How To Complain Diplomatically and
Argue Constructively Without Fighting,Thus Achieving A Win-Win Situation

Please note: The problems discussed in these articles were chosen because they are so frequently experienced by couples. Readers of my articles on this website often call saying, "We read some of your articles and we felt that you were talking about us." In fact, all of the case histories described here are disguised and any resemblance between the vignettes and the reader's situation merely reflects the universality of these problematic spousal/partner interactions.

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